Torpedo Strike
Attack against enemy carrier

Player aircraft: Beaufighter Mk21
Mission type: Torpedo run / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
Time: 1700
Weather: Clear
Cloud height: 1000 m


Requires Pacific Fighters with FB + AEP (3.01m)


It's not long time since we captuerd these islands and the enemy is already making his move...

A carrier escorted by destroyers is closing us from South-West and another detachment - a battleship and destroyers - from North-West. Their main goal is undoubtly gain aerial and naval superiority at the area to secure the arrival of landing troops and to make it harder for us to get reinforcements and supplies.

We have still chances to prevent this, but only if we make it fast. After those two detachments have joined, it would be a suicide to attack against them.
But it won't be easy job even now. Many of you will not come back.

We'll send all the torpedo bombers we can gather against that carrier. That means two flights of US Havocs and two flights of our Beaufighters. Also two flights of TBF-1's will participate from USS Saratoga. Due technical problems at Saratoga they can send only those planes and just one flight of Wildcats for escort. You will be escorted by a flight of Airacobras.

You'll lead the second flight of the first attack wave.

Good luck to you all!

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