Cutting the supply
Take out a supply depot behind the frontlines 

Player aircraft: P-47D-27
Mission type: Ground attack / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
Summer 1944

Time: 0500
Weather: Good
Cloud height: 900 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack 2.01!


Good morning, boys!

While Germans are running low on ammunition and gasoline, the HQ wants us to make their situation even worse.

Their defence on many sectors in Normandy depends pretty much on the gasoline which keeps their tanks running. We have located a very important supply depot near the frontlines, about 8 miles east of Lisieux.

By taking this depot out, we will help our ground troops to take the city of Lisieux. At least the Germans have to pull their armors back, when they run out of gas.

Now, we don't expect much resistance. There is an airbase near the depot, but the Germans are evacuating it fast.
The attack will be made with four planes. The Brits will provide you an aircover by sending a wing of Spitfires to watch your back.

I want you to wipe that supply depot out entirely. If you confront the enemy, let the Spitfires handle them until your job is done.

Good luck!

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