Evacuate wounded soldier from behind the enemy lines

Player aircraft: Ju-88
Mission type: Rescue / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
Date: July 1st, 1943

Time: 03:30
Weather: Clear


Requires Pe-2 Add-on 4.05m


One of our long range patrols ran into firefight with the enemy on its way to the target area. It lost part of its equipments and one of the men got severely wounded.
They believe - and we've a confirmation from radio recon - that several enemy search patrols are after them and closing. I want you to fly there to evacuate that wounded and re-supply the patrol.

They have found a little open place in the middle of a sparse tree stand. There's just enough space for JU-88 to land and 
take off. The patrol will light two signal fires when you get there. The first one will be on the right front-corner of the landing field and the second one on the middle right, so land on the left side of those fires.

Fly low, at 100 meters, to avoid possible fighters and slip through the AAA before they can react. The tricky part is, that you need to land straight from the approach without the usual landing pattern, so watch your speed. There's no time for any delays. Land quickly and take off ASAP, and you and the patrol have a possibility to slip away from the enemy patrols.

Once you get back in the air, fly straight to the base. The AAA will most probably be ready by then so be careful. An ambulance will be waiting for the wounded once you get back here.
The patrol is located at a couple of kilometers North of a group of small lakes South of Kraskovo. The patrol is waiting you to be there at 03:40.

Good luck!


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