Hunt over sea
Fly a patrol flight and seek for enemy planes returning from a bombing run.

Player aircraft: B-239
Mission type: Intercept / Single player
Historical aspect: Semi-historical

Time and weather conditions
May 15, 1943

Time: 1100
Weather: Good
Cloud height: 1500 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack!


A while ago a large formation of enemy Pe-2s and IL-2s flew by heading most probably Kotka. They will return soon so we will have something to hunt down.

I want you to take your flight and check the area between Saarenpää and Vitikkala for returning planes. I'm pretty sure that boys from the LeLv 34 will join you in their pursuit. They usually get the alarm too late to catch the incoming planes before they do their run, so only thing they've got left is to go after the Russian visitors.
But remember, it's strictly prohibited to follow them into Kronshtadt's or Oranienbaum's airspace. I'm aware that this order is broken constantly, but it has been given for your own safety!

Good luck and see you soon!

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