Help ground troops against enemy bombers
*** Note! Not recommended for low-end PC's ***

Player aircraft: Bf-109G-2
Mission type: Intercept / Single player
Historical aspect: Semi-Historical

Time and weather conditions
Date: June 14th, 1944
Time: 1500
Weather: Hazy
Cloud height: 700 m


In reality HLeLv 24 was based in Immola at 14th of June.  For playability reasons (and because map doesn't cover that area)
I moved their base closer to the front. Also HLeLv 24 did not fly actual intercepting missions during the battle of Kuuterselkä.

Requires Pacific Fighters with FB + AEP


The enemy is pushing hard in Kuuterselkä and Siiranmäki. So far the line has held, but the Russian are harrasing our ground troops regularily with bombers and Sturmoviks.

Go to show them, that they are not alone up there and can do whatever they want!
Be careful there! Those Airacobra pilots have become more aggressive, and looks like the enemy has brought more experienced personnel to the Isthmus.

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