Plant Raid
Destroy a hydroelectric power plant

Player aircraft: P-47D-22
Mission type: Ground Attack / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
September 1943

Time: 0800
Weather: Poor
Cloud height: 500 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack!



The resistance have revealed to us a location of a hydroelectirc power plant held by the Germans. If we destroy this plant, it would be a serious blow to their supply.

That is, however, easy to say. The plant is located in a river and it's protected from the air by barrage balloons and strong anti-aircraft artillery. It is also surrounded by several bunkers, machinegun nests and trenches and it's heavily guarded - it's held by a strengthened company. There are also heavy guns and at least two Tigers protecting it.
At the riverbanks and lakeshore there are gun emplacements and howitzers with enough firepower to keep away any naval vessels we could send against that plant and the shore is also guarded by a M-Boat and a couple of torpedo-boats.

A group of British commandos tried to sneak in and blow up the place, but they didn't make it. However, before they were killed or captured they managed to disable most of the close range AA-guns. 
Headquarters can't give enough ground forces for direct attack and air command refuses to send bombers because of the heavy AAA still present. Navy is also out of the question. So that leaves us to take care of the job. Due the efforts and sacrifices of those commandos, we truly have a chance.

We'll send in two flights of Jugs covered by a flight of Mustangs. We don't expect enemy fighters to show up because their nearest active airfield is rather far, but better be careful.

Your main target is the turbine building. It's the biggest building standing in the middle of the river on the Northern side of plant (#1 in the recon photo). The plant is also a brigde over the river. Your secondary objective is to cut it and if possible, take out those heavy AA-guns. Your secondary objectives are marked with #2 in the photo.
After that the bombers can be sent to destroy those gun emplacements.

We have low weather so be careful out there. Good luck!

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