Submarine Base
An attack against German supply base for submarines.

Player aircraft: P-38J
Mission type: Ground Attack / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
July 1943

Time: 0800
Weather: Hazy
Cloud height: 1000 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack!


Note. This mission is not historical by any means. I've used the Online5 -map, but the intended location for this mission is somewhere in Atlantic Ocean, so don't pay too much attention on the names of places...

Good morning!

Today we have a supply base for submarines as a target. The base itself is not significant in size, but it's located at strategic area, near our convoy routes and has been pain in navy's butt for some time.

The main goal is not to wipe out the entire base - we don't have enough resources for that. There are two buildings to be destroyed instead:

1. A maintenance hall and 2. a storage building. (they are marked into aerial photo which was taken yesterday, see below).

In these two buildings Germans have stored torpedoes and ammunitions for subs. By destroying these we can cause enough damage to that base to keep it out of order for some time.

The base is located in a bay. On the western shore there are mainly insignificant storage buildings but the operational part is located on the eastern shore.
Target number one, the maintenance hall, is a long hall in North-South direction on the North-East corner of the base. Target number two is the Northern end of a long building near a factory located at South. There is a long pier sticking out from its corner as a landmark.

Now, we've just received an information that a single Condor is heading to the island without escort. We also have a reason to believe, that there is the commander of submarine fleet onboard that plane on his way to perform an inspection in that base. It's not possible to stop that plane before its destination, but if we hurry we can take some advantage of the situation.
We know that the Germans are unwilling to use their AA-fire while friendly aircrafts are in the area. Also, unless they send fighters to cover his landing in advance, those fighters will stay on ground until that Condor is safely landed. Both will give you more time to do the attack and then to get the heck out of there.
This guest will be driven to base by car, so if you get the opprtunity, try to eliminate him too. That is only a secondary target, though.

Now, the resistance to be expected...
As mentioned, the base has its own airfield on that island, so sooner or later you will see enemy fighters. The AA-fire should be medium level. They have several 88's but only a couple of short-range guns. But don't forget that the submarines and ships have their own AA-weapons so it's impossible to say at this moment, how much firepower there is waiting for you.

Ok, fellows. Go to blow up a base and good luck!

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