Supply Bases
Protect important supply bases from enemy bombers

Player aircraft: Bf-109G-6 Late
Mission type: Intercept / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
August 1944

Time: 1700
Weather: Clear
Cloud height: 1000 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack 2.01!


Enemy bomber formations are closing Houffalize. The most alarming thing is, that there are two extremely important supply bases East from the town.

However, according to our radio intelligence, the first formations are going to bomb Houffalize while few planes will follow behind them and try to sneak through and hit the bases when our fighters are fighting the first waves. So, thanks to the radio-boys we now know their intrigue.

But we don't have time to waste. Take off immediately and fly to Houffalize. Let the first waves go by - despite the fact that it means sacrificing the town - but stop the plane group following them.

The enemy planes are flying at about 3000 meters.

Remember: This mission is vital to our war efforts! Go to stop them and good luck!

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