The Bridges of Tali
Destroy a bridge in Tali and help Finnish forces by cutting the attacking enemy from its supply and reinforcements.

Player aircraft: Ju-87D-5
Mission type: Dive bombing / Single player
Historical aspect: Historical (based on actual events, not in any particular mission)

Time and weather conditions
Jun 29, 1944

Time: 0800
Weather: Clear
Cloud height: 1000 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack 2.04!


Listen up!

The defense lines of Finnish forces are beginning to hold. Red Army is still pushing hard at Tali - Ihantala direction.
Our Jabos and Finnish bombers have gained success on bombing enemy's tank formations, but these strikes have merely slowed down the Soviets. The Finns have requested that we would take out the bridges at Tali and by doing that, cut the enemy's frontline troops from their supply and reinforcements.

Your flight's target is the bridge on the Northern side of Tali while second flight will destroy the Western one. The Soviets actually have an air superiority on the area so you'll get a flight of Focke-Wulfs covering you.

Good luck!

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