The Bridges of Tali 2 - the other point of view
Intercept enemy dive bombers

Player aircraft: La-5FN
Mission type: Intercept / Single player
Historical aspect: Historical (based on actual events, not in any particular mission)

Time and weather conditions
Jun 29, 1944

Time: 0800
Weather: Clear
Cloud height: 1000 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack 2.04!


Ok. Here's the situation...

Enemy's resistance has got stronger in the last days, but we will make breakthrough soon. To ensure that we will deploy more troops.
Tali village is an important route, but it has one weakness. The bridges. If the enemy manages to destroy them, it will cost us time. Our engineers would make new ones quickly, but we don't want any delays.

A formation of enemy planes is heading this way. By description it consists of German Stukas escorted by Focke-Wulfs. It's very possible they're going to attack the bridges. Take off and take them out! Your main targets are the Stukas.

Good luck!

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