Airbattle of Verla
Intercept enemy bombers at the morning of the first day of the Continuation War.
Based on cpl Heimo Lampi's first mission.

Player aircraft: B-239
Mission type: Intercept / Single player
Historical aspect: Historical (location changed)

Time and weather conditions
Date: June 25th, 1941
Time: 0710
Weather: Hazy
Cloud height: 1200 m


Note! As the Gulf of Finland map does not cover the real locations of this mission, I've changed the Selänpää -airbase to Utti

Requires Pacific Fighters with FB + AEP




(Phone message:) "A large formation of bombers at Inkeroinen. Heading North-West. Flying height approx. 1500 meters. Bombs have been dropped to Inkeroinen."

The bombers' destination will most probably be Heinola. There is no war declaration given so the situation is obscure. Take off immediately and find out, what's going on!


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