Take part in a nightattack against enemy airbase.

Player aircraft: Bf-110G-2
Mission type: Ground Attack / Single player
Historical aspect: Non-historical

Time and weather conditions
Summer 1944

Time: 0300
Weather: Good
Cloud height: 900 m


Requires Ace Expansion Pack 2.04!


Good morning!

The Allies managed to cause us lots of damage by destroying one of our main supply depots in Normandy *), but we are getting a payback. The HQ has ordered a nightattack against the very same airbase, where those P-47s took off.

The attack will be carried out with two flights of Bf-110s. You will lead the first one. A flight of Focke Wulfs will be watching your backs. We believe you can take them by surprise, but beware the AA-defence which will be heavy. Hit fast, take out what you can and pull back. Avoid getting in dogfights with enemy fighters. Your cover's job is to handle them.

Good luck to you all!

*) See mission Cutting the supply

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