Uploaded a Pistol and torch (from my Genesis 2 set) fit to Genesis 3 Female in the 3D section.

Have fun!



Uploaded a tiling bone texture resource in the textures section.

Have fun!



Uploaded holster set for my Barracuda handgun model in the 3D section.

Have fun!



Uploaded a toon saucer model in the 3D section.

Have fun!



Just uploaded a spaceship model for Poser/DS and Vue in the 3D section.

Have fun!



It's been quiet, but I just uploaded a new sword model in the 3D section.

Have fun!


Just uploaded a new gun model in the 3D section.

Have fun!


I've finally finished the addon pack for my LRV. The pack is now uploaded and you can get it from the 3D section.

Hope you'll have fun with it!


The site got hacked recently and a third party javascript link was added to the index pages and javascript files, but everything should be back in normal again.

However, for the same reason (and due to the low traffic, which was expected from the beginning) I decided to close the forum.  But that's not a big loss, I think.


Posted a reworked version of my old medieval sword pack for Poser and Daz Studio in the 3D section.


Hello again, for a long time....

The main site has been virtually dead for over two years now as my time has gone to the other part of the site which has not been accessible from the frontpage.

I've finally merged the two and done some other big  changes too. Probably biggest of them is a forum, which is put up to have a communication line between me and the visitors. If I've released something buggy, you can see from there if it's already fixed or can note me about the problem if it's not.

Archive page is moved to the forum, if somebody's interested to know.

Other changes will come in the near future...

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