What's Porsimo's Forgotten Media?

When I started this site in May 2004, my purpose was to offer aircraft skins (textures) and missions for the players of a combat flight simulator called "IL-2 Sturmovik". The idea soon expanded to offer resources to skin and mission makers.

I've always been interested in history, especially military history, and as a Finn, the Finnish front has been closest to my heart when it comes to WW2. When the flight simulator series brought Finland in the game, and when I saw there was interest towards it, I decided to add some history to my site mostly as a resource for the mission and campaign makers, but also to give a glimpse of a not-so-well-known history to many.

In 2007 this site was put on hold while I found a new hobby in the wonderland of 3D graphics in a form of DAZ Studio and Poser. After a while I finally fullfilled one of my long time dreams and learned to model myself. Even before that I started a new section as kind of a sub-site and have since uploaded poses, textures and 3D models for 3D artists to use.

Now these two parts of this site have finally been merged under the name of "Porsimo's Forgotten Media".

Why is this site called as "Porsimo's Forgotten Media"?

Well, the first name was Porsimo's Skins, but that was abandoned soon, because there began to be much more stuff than just skins. I was trying to come up with a better name for the site, when I thought "how many people will actually come here, and how many of them will return? Probably not many...". So, if somebody even finds my site, s/he will probably soon forget it. It was also time, when the latest product in the IL-2 flight simulator series was called "Forgotten Battles", so the new name was quite natural continuum from these two.

Why there are swastikas all over the site? Am I some kind of a nazi?

No, I'm not a nazi nor have any sympathies towards them. There are few occassions where a actual nazi swastika is shown. These are plane skins, images of them and some artwork. These are for historical accuracy. For historical accuracy are also the other swastikas, the Finnish national insignias from 1918 - 1944 which do not have any connection or relation to nazism or its symbols. These are the airforce's blue swastika in white roundel and armored troops' "short-legged" black swastika with white "shadow". Both were taken in use in 1918 i.e. some time before nazis adopted the symbol.

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