Training programs for Brewster B-239

These are the training programs for Brewster
designed by the CO of LLv 24, major (later Lt.Col & CO of LeR 3)
G. E. Magnusson.

Source: Magnussonin voittoisat Brewsterit; Joppe Karhunen, 1982

Type training program for BW-aircraft (Brewster B-239)



To be noticed during flight

Flying time

1 Typeflight
Climbing to 1500 m, testing the plane, adjusting fletners and testing the landing gear
- Propeller pitch adjustment
- Gauge readings
20 - 30 min
2 Takeoff and landing training
Climbing to 1500 m, medium and abrupt turns, gliding and climbing turns. 3 landings.
- Optimum climbing and gliding angle, gauge readings then. Breaking speed and time. Optimum landing speed. 180 and 360 deg. turn times. Radio usage. 40 min
3 Aerobatics trainings
a) climbing to 2000 m, abrupt climb and dive turns. Loops and Immelmann turns at dirrerent speeds. 3 barrel rolls.
b) climbing to 3000 m, loops and Immelmanns with initial speed of 400 and 500 km/h. Ascensional circulation at 2500 m initial speed 480 km/h.
- Climbing time to 2000 m. The radius of loop and altitude addition of Immelmann, initial speed 360 and 460 km/h. Optimum speed when making barrel roll.
Climbing time to 3000 m. Altitude addition, final speed and time of performance in Immelmanns
a) 30 min

b) 30 min

4 Patrol flight trainings
Radio communications between aircrafts and ground stations. 
Dives and pull-ups.
- The right position of a wingman. 30 min
5 Climb and dive trainings
a) climbing to 6000 m. Dive training from 6000 to 4500 m to 60-75 deg. angles.
Aerobatic flying at 4500 m.


b) climbing to 7500 m and testing the plane there. Descent with intermittent dives.

- Adjustment of supercharger and mixture.
- Oxygen system. - Climbing time.
- Final speeds and loss of altitude when pulling out from a dive.
- The use of fletners when pulling out from a dive.

- Climbing time to 3000, 5000 and 7500 m.
- Flight characteristics in turns at 7500 m.

a) 50 min


b) 60 min

6 Swarm-flying trainings
Patrols (pairs*)) switch places at the middle of the training.
Wing changes, dive and climb turns.
- Experienced fighterpilots as patrol leaders who will direct the right positions for wingmen with radio. 30 min
7 Dive-aiming training to a ground target
Initial altitude 400 m, dive starts from a turn.
- Firing range 150 - 50 m, dive angle 10 - 5 deg.
- Have to avoid the use of rudder.
20 min
8 Firings to a ground target
a) 50 rounds with both fuselage machineguns
b) 75 rounds      -"-
c) 25 rounds with all guns
- Right moment for opening fire.
- Results and hit pattern.
60 min in total
9 Trainings for aerial battle
a) with 2 planes. Target plane flies at 2000 m. 3 attacks from a turn with an altitude advantage of 500 m, from behind or behind and above. Target plane performs evasive movements, climbing, horizontal and diving turns. After this the attacker becomes as a target plane.

b) like before, but the situation continues with 2-3 additional moves.

- Right moment for evasive movement.
- Optimum evasive movement.


- Situation must be aborted at 1000 m.

a) 30 min

b) 40 min

10 Reconnaissance flight at front
With a swarm, new pilot flies as a wingman to a swarm leader.
- Frontline, behaviour in AA-fire. 40 min
      Approx. 9-10 h in total

*) Site-author's note

BW-plane's training program for pilots coming from the suplementary squadron

The plane and its equipments

BW's overview and structure 2 h
BW's engine and propeller 2 h
BW's high pressure system 1 h
BW's controls 1 h
BW's gauges and equipments 2 h
            Practical excercises 5 h

13 h in total

BW's armament

The funtion and construction of aircraft machinegun  
Colt and Browning 2 h
Malfunction 1 h
Installing in the  plane 1 h
Sight instruments and convergence 2 h
Synchronizers and triggers 2 h
Electrical devices 1 h
Cartridges and belts 1 h
Care and maintenance 1 h
Practical excercises 3 h

14 h  in total

Training program about BW's radio equipments for pilots

RCA: AVT-7 BW/AVR-8d, construction and properties 1 h
RCA: AVT-7 BW/AVR-8d, usage and installing in the plane 2 h

3 h in total

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