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IL-2 1946 (4.08) object list
IL-2 Season converter 1.1 (software)
Brighter 2.2 (software)
FAF registration font

IL-2 1946 object list in HTML-format - object list for version 4.08

> Objects 4.08 in MS Word 97-2003 -format (zip, ~2.2 Mb)
> Objects 4.08 in PDF -format (zip, ~1.5 Mb)

IL-2 Season converter - An utility designed especially for campaign creators (static campaigns).

With this utility you can convert winter missions to summer missions and vice versa in seconds. Converts all the objects (which have winter and summer versions) used in a mission and  by default changes also the map. You can convert only objects and leave the map as it is, if you want to.

Update! Version 1.1:

- Corrected map conversion part. Converts now all summer-winter map pairs including all Kurland maps
- Added possibility to create the output filename from the source file's name
- Made some tweaking to the GUI

* Freeware *

> Download

Brighter - A launcher utility for Bright palette conversion tool. This program gives you a graphical interface to make using Bright easier.  Version 2.2 Multilingual release. 

* Freeware *


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A font based on The Finnish Standards Association's (SFS) standard Z.I. 1
This font was used in registration markings of Finnish military planes (e.g. BW-393)
Click the sample to download:

* Free for personal use *

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