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                 Flight Simulation related

IL-2 FB / Pacific Fighters - Official site  Official site of FB / AEP / PF
Virtuaalilentäjät (FI) / Virtual Pilots (EN)   Finnish virtual pilot association, articles, interviews, history etc.
SimHQ  THE simulation site   General flight simulation site
Home built throttle quadrant   Do it yourself  General flight simulation site  General flight simulation site  Missions, campaigns and a lot of other stuff
Simmers' Paintshop  Resources & tutorials etc. for skin-makers & repainters   Screenshots and traditional arts
                 Picture galleries  
WW2 in colour + B&W (flickr)  Picture collection on  Pictures and information about bunkers around Europe  Lots of photos of German WWII aircratfts
Aerial recce photos  
WW II Color photo collection  A photoarchive of WWII, quite rare photos
Pictures From Wars During Finland´s Independence   Photos, drawings, maps etc. between 1918 - 1945
WW II in color   Photos and images of World War II in colour

World War II color pictures

 Various color pictures from WWII (popup-ads)
Aircraft Resource Center - Propeller aircrafts   Photos   The name says it...


WW I maps  
WW I maps: Trenches on the web, maproom  
WW II maps  In Hungarian
WW II maps: The battles around Gudalcanal  
WW II maps: Pacific naval battles  
WW II maps: Pacific  (USS Enterprise CV-6)
World War II day by day   Emblems, photos, maps, daily reports etc. Lots of stuff.
BBC: WWII history   Animated maps, articles etc.

                 Aircrafts & air combat   Japanese aircrafts, ships & historical research
P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association   
Luftwaffe Experten Message Board   A discussion forum about Luftwaffe
VAR. Aviation Drawing   Drawings of aircrafts etc. Useful for modellers I guess. English / Russian
Warbirds Resource Group   
Air combat in Winter War   
WWII Ace stories   
Japanese Aircraft Color Standards, Feb 05, 1945   (An article at
WING's Palette   Lots of camouflage profiles from different eras 

Little Friends

 A site dedicated to the 8th Air Force Fighter Group

American Aircraft of WW II

 A reference site with photos, data and misc. info
The Battle of Britain   The RAF's Battle of Britain -pages


Beutepanzer Captured allied tanks in German use
Tiger I information center  Lots of information about the Tiger
Niemiecka bron pancerna  A great site of WWII German armoured vehicles. In Polish.
Achtung Panzer!   Information about German tanks etc. during WWII
Tanks!   Information about tanks and armored vehicles from all around the world   Lots of information about tanks (various countries)



Imperial Japanese Navy Page

 Interesting site about IJN. Lots of stuff

                 Misc. history (not in any specific order)

WW I air war videos   
Axis History Factbook   Information about Germany and its allies during WW2
Finland in World War II   
Military and War - collection of links   Matti Yrjölä's huge collection of links!
Finland in WWII - Background and timeline

 Recreating history using 3D graphics
WW II interviews   

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