Historical information

Maps of Winter and Continuation Wars - under construction

An overview to Finnish armored vehicles 1939-1944

Military decorations of the Order of the Cross of Liberty

Airbases used by FAF 
Full colour version (pdf, ~333 kB)
Low-colour version, for B & W printing (pdf, ~204 kB)

Note! The size of the maps is  A3, but they can be printed in A4 (or similar) size. If you have problems with printing, check the "Print as image" in the Adobe Reader's advanced printing options. Requires Acrobat Reader 5.x. Adobe Reader 7.0 or newer recommended.

If you have Google Earth, you can download a "Finnish wartime airfields"- data file by Virtualpilots.fi for it.

Training programs for Brewster B-329 by G. E. Magnusson

A quick overview to FAF in WW2:
Lentorykmentti 1, LeR 1 (Flight regiment 1)
Lentorykmentti 2, LeR 2 (Flight regiment 2)
Lentorykmentti 3, LeR 3 (Flight regiment 3)
Lentorykmentti 4, LeR 4 (Flight regiment 4)
Lentorykmentti 5, LeR 5 (Flight regiment 5)
Unit emblems

Finnish detachments / abbreviations
Finnish detachments listed in English & Finnish with abbreviations

Finnish fighter aces of WW II
List of all 94 Finnish fighter aces during WW II.

Flying Knights - Knights of Mannerheim Cross in FAF
List of the 19 Knights of Mannerheim Cross (of Cross of Liberty) in FAF

Designations & plane types in FAF, 1939 - 1945
Plane types used in FAF during 1939-45, sorted by designation

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