Blue Sky, Red Earth - Fight against the Giant / Offline campaign for single player
A historical static campaign for IL-2 Forgotten Battles & Pacific Fighters merged installation.
Required version 4.05, may work with 4.04, but not tested.

Based loosely on the career of Finnish top ace Ilmari "Illu" Juutilainen, created by his book "Punalentäjien kiusana".
Some alterations have been made because of gameplay reasons, game limitations and AI behaviour.

Timeline is from October 1939 to September 1944 covering Winter War and Continuation War including some peacetime missions before Winter War and during the Interim Peace..

Few missions are "fictious", but follow historical guidelines. Also some missions are based only on general descriptions like "for the next two weeks we flew reconnaissance flights" or "on the next day we were fighting at the same area" etc. Notice also that some missions in this campaign were not flown by Juutilainen but they are based on the descriptions of other pilots.

If you're are looking an entertaining, nicely balanced and action packed campaign, this is not for you! There will be boring missions in which you'll fly without seeing a glimpse of an enemy. There will also be frustrating missions in which you'll see the enemy but can't catch him. Then there will be action stacked missions in which you are outnumbered beyond common sense...
plus everything between that.

So the main point in this campaign is historical accuracy.

I've used "Personal notes" in mission briefings for describing what's going on elsewhere on home front and battlefront. The opinions and/or statements in those notes are not mine nor Juutilainen's (usually) but they reflect the common feelings in Finland during wartime. And of course a soldier or pilot could not know most of what I've written in those notes.

Some gameplay notes:
1. I suggest to uncheck the "No instant success"-option in difficulty settings. The primary target is to get back in the base (except in a couple of missions) and otherwise this could be hard sometimes. Also, the first 4 missions are only for information, so you can skip them.
2. If you use "perfect" graphics settings and forest=3, be careful around crowded airbases when flying very low. There are lots of trees which may be invisible with these settings.
3. Unless you have very powerful PC, do not use "Perfect" settings! With average PCs I recommend to use medium settings.


Extract the to the FB's root folder e.g. C:\Program Files\Ubi soft\IL-2 Forgotten Battles\
Make sure you extract the folders too in this package.

The zip contains a new menu-music for Finland and also a new campaign background image. The latter one is done with the background.mat -file and the original is included too. Also the original music file is included. If you already have a custom menu music for Finland, make a backup of it or do not extract the samples folder from the zip.
There are also some basic & generic skins included.

Copyright 2006 by Petri Johansson aka Porsimo
JU-52 templates by Snorri
Skins by Porsimo

Since there isn't Fokker D.XXI in FB, I've used the J8A instead.

Download size 18.4 MB or without custom music (8.3 MB)

Missions: 130

Period: 10/1939 - 9/1944
Planes: J8A, B-239, Bf-109G-2, Bf-109G-6

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